See our recent feature article on page 27 in the August 2015 issue of Natural Awakenings magazine.

The blog "Reviews, Chews, and How-Tos" reviewed our Headache Helper Balm.

Our products and Laina's advice have been featured in Natural Awakenings magazine. Our products have also appeared in Out of the Box sample boxes.

Some of the praise our products have received on Etsy:

"I first tried this balm (Zit Zapper) when it came to me in an Out of the Box Sampler box. I have super dry skin on my face that peels and sometimes can bleed from chemotherapy. I'm 34 and want to look my best but with my health issues an all natural product is a must. I figured even though acne isn't my problem I would give this one a try. It was AMAZING! Overnight my wounds from the dryness began healing. My skin was plumper and softer, I couldn't beleive it! Nothing has worked to combat my dryness the way this has and it heals so quickly. I gave some to my 13 year old god daughter for her breakouts since I loved it so much, it worked great for her too. The maker is a sweet, amazing person, she'll take time to answer any questions you have. My items shipped super fast and I couldn't be happier!" -- Jennifer M. 

"Works wonderfully (Headache Helper)! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from this seller again" -- Victoria

 "Excellent soap leaves your skin clean and soft without drying it out, love this item (Zit Zapper soap)!" -- Barbara