Frequently Asked Questions

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What Makes Our Products Unique?

Our balms and soaps are completely handcrafted into carefully designed blends by a Certified Aromatherapist and Herbologist. The blend of essential oils in each balm or soap is especially prepared to ease a particular ailment or have a certain effect. While there are many scented soaps and balms on the market, most do not have the level of knowledge and attention to detail that ours do.

What should the balms be used for?

The specific use for each balm can be found in its product description. The aromatherapy balms can be applied to the skin, similar to a solid perfume, or their scent can be inhaled directly from the container. The complexion balms, such as Zit Zapper and Glow, are mainly designed to applied to skin as you would any face or hand cream. These complexion balms use essential oils less for the scent and more the physical effect they have on the skin. All of our balms are moisturizing and can be applied to the skin, but it is recommended that you perform a spot test before applying to larger areas of the body to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

Why should I have a consultation done?

If you would like to make changes to your lifestyle or are looking for a more natural cure to an ailment, then you are a perfect candidate for a consultation. Laina Poulakos has extensive knowledge in Aromatherapy and Herbology and would love to share it with you. Her personal journey can be read about in the "About Us" section of our site.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of plants’ oils, which we call essential oils. These oils are full of beneficial properties to help with our physical and psychological well being. They have numerous medicinal uses; they can uplift the mood or soothe body ailments. Essential oils can be inhaled into the body where they encourage cellular renewal, enhance emotions, and rejuvenate the spirit. When inhaled, the molecules of the oil carry in the aroma where it penetrates the bloodstream through the lungs. This causes a physiological change in the limbic area of the brain; this area is the oldest part of our brain and is related to emotions and memories. Essential oils can also beneficial when applied topically and diluted with a carrier oil. Aromatherapy is very beneficial to add to one’s way of life.

What is Herbalism?

Herbalism is the use of plants and their parts for medicinal purposes.  This includes the study of the plant and its healing properties. The use of plant as medicine has been used for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptian used to give there slaves garlic to keep them from getting sick.  There are over 300,00 species of plants that we have identified and many more to discover. They are rich in active compounds that can have a profound effect on human systems.  The herbal medicine cabinet is full of wonderful plants that can be useful for so many aliments.  From killing bacteria, to relaxing the mind,and reducing inflammation. Some herbs even have a stimulating effect. Others can activate the bodies own immune system to help fight of illness.  There are so many ways to use herbs  in capsule, and teas, extracts, and essential oils.  The power in plants are amazing.  Natures medicine cabinet is full of natural helpers.

Can I have a customized blend prepared for me?

Yes, Laina can make a balm with a custom blend just for you. Contact us for pricing and more information.

Can I use these products on my pets?

All of our products are made from simple, natural ingredients, but we strongly recommend contacting us directly for a custom blend for your pet. We can create blends for dogs and cats to treat anxiety, skin issues, ear troubles and more.