Mint Hot Cocoa Moisturizing Balm


2 ounces of a moisturizing blend of Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Spearmint, Vanilla and Peppermint essential oils. The delightfully minty, slightly chocolate scent of this balm will stir up nostalgic memories of snowy winter days spent sipping a warm mug of creamy mint cocoa. This blend is especially moisturizing to help protect your hands, lips, face, and more from the harsh chill of the winter months. This is a limited time winter blend so order yours today!

I am a Certified Aromatherapist and mother of five. I received my Aromatherapy Certification from the Didactic and Scientific Professional Clinical Aromatherapy Certification and Training Program at Heart of Herbs Herbal School. I opened this store to share my knowledge of and dedication to providing the best natural solutions possible. It is my dream that every family have the opportunity to experience the many wonderful benefits of aromatherapy. That is why I have made them so affordable and easy to use.

Every blend I craft is designed and prepared with the same care and experience I use in my own family. I use the best ingredients available to me, including beeswax and organic coconut oil, and create each essential oil blend to ensure its safety while still maximizing its effect on the body. I have as much of a personal dedication to providing the best experience with aromatherapy as I do a professional one. I know how aromatherapy has changed my own life as well as my families’. Let me help you begin your own journey.

Although I take great care and pride in creating each of my essential oil blends, and test each one in my own home before selling them, I still urge you to perform an allergy test before using my products. Test a small amount of the product on a small patch of skin 24 hours before applying it to a larger area, to make sure you don’t develop a rash or other reaction. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor before using my products. All of the essential oils and ingredients I use are safe for skin application, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.