• Study Buddy Aromatherapy Balm


    2 ounces of a blend of:

     Rosemary essential oil- for its ability to promote concentration and clear thinking

    Peppermint essential oil- for its ability to clear the mind

    Lemon essential oil- for its refreshing  scent

    Lavender essential oil- for its balancing properties and calming effect

     in a balm of Beeswax and Organic Coconut Oil.

     These energizing essential oils are known for their ability to stimulate the mind. This blend will help you concentrate and focus better, whether you’re cramming for an upcoming exam or preparing for a big event. Apply this blend to the forehead, back of neck, and pulse points and say hello to your new study buddy!

    These are our own proprietary essential oil blends and recipes. Each blend is carefully formulated for the best effect of its essential oils.

    **If product arrives during warm weather, refrigerate for a few hours before opening container as it may liquefy**

    Reviews from Etsy Customers

    ***** Perfect stocking stuffer for my daughter in college